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Кавалеры- Чемпионы Англии

Latest Champion of 2017 is

Ch. Verheyen Anton

Can Ch Kinvaar Son of a Gun x Verheyen Angelina

Bred by Mrs M Cunningham

CC+BOB Windsor 2017~ Judge Mrs M Rees

CC+BOB Paignton 2017~ Judge Mrs E Cooper

CC+BOB South Wales KC 2017 ~ Judge Mrs J Portingale
Mark Sedgwick

Many congratulations Philip on making Pascavale Hudson at lovetrac up today to the latest uk 😁😘Champion, at the Welsh Kennel club Judged By Gary Thomas.
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В Англии подведены итоги на Лучшую собаку породы Кавалер. (отсканировала из книги Кавалер клуба 2018)
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Sandra Ireland Moger

I thought I would share this again. Lots of lovely memories and people no longer with. Ending with a much loved exhibitor making us all laugh as she did so often.
Here are links to Champions 1989 - 1999. It's in two parts.
Champion of 2017


Ch. Bonitos Companeros Moulin Rouge at Craigowl

Ch Aranel Genesis x Bonitos Companeros Untouchable at Craigowl

Bred by Messrs Vorderstrasse & Kirschbaum

CC Darlington 2015~ Judge Miss D Hunter

CC Driffield 2017~ Judge Mr B Rix

CC South Wales KC 2017 ~ Judge Mrs J Portingale

Champions of 2017

Ch. Craigowl Keep In Touch

Ch + Am Ch. Brookhaven Believe It Or Not x Bonitos Companeros Untouchable at Craigowl

Bred by Mr + Mrs Inglis

CC SKC 2017~ Judge Mr P Lovell

CC Leeds 2017 ~ Judge Ms T Ireland

CC Welsh KC 2017~ Judge Mr R Paterson

Champions of 2017

Ch. Craigowl Out Of Reach JW

Ch + Am Ch. Brookhaven Believe It Or Not x Bonitos Companeros Untouchable at Craigowl

Bred by Mr + Mrs Inglis

CC+BOB Border Union 2016 ~ Judge Mr I Willey

CC+BOB Manchester 2017 ~ Judge Mr T Mather

CC+BOB Border Union 2017~ Judge Dr. A Paloheimo

Champions of 2017

Ch. Sorata Miss Emily Salsara JW

Master Famous John Jr at Sorata x Sorata Ruby Red

Bred by Mrs J Pagan

owned and shown by Margaret Barrett

CC The CKCS 2016 ~ Judge Mr M Levy

CC West of England CKCS 2016 ~ Judge Mrs D Searle

CC Three Counties 2017~ Judge Mrs M Attwood
Champions of 2017

Ch Leogem Renaissance JW

Ch Brookhaven Believe It Or Not x Ch Leogem Rhapsody

Bred by Tina and Denis Homes

CC+BIS The CKCS 2017 ~ Judge Mrs L Hughes

CC+BIS Southern CKCS 2017 ~ Judge Mrs C Li

CC+BIS Eastern CKCS 2017~ Judge Mr C Cortes

Champions of 2017

Ch Chantismere Push My Button JW

Angels Pride Benjamin Button x Chantismere Charleston

Bred by Mrs A Fitzpatrick & Mr M Hegarty

Owned by Mr I + Mrs A Gibb-Stuart

CC+BIS S+WW CKCS 2015 ~ Judge Mr P Lovell

CC Driffield 2016 ~ Judge Mr G Thomas

CC+BOB UK Toy 2017~ Judge Mr P Hill

Champions of 2017


Ch Ellemich I'm A Celebrity JW

Bentwood Carlos x Ellemich Wizadora

Bred by Mr R + Mrs M Chapman

CC Leeds 2016 ~ Judge Mrs M Kendall

CC Manchester 2017 Judge Mrs P Craig

CC Crufts 2017~ Judge Mrs L Gillhespy


CKCS club Championship show, Parade of UK Champions 02.03.2013​

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel club show 2013 in UK Championship show Saturday 2nd march 2013 99 Angels Pride Gentlman, 185 Leogem Marcello, 202 Craigowl Out Of The Blue, 232 Pascavale Jamie JW, 350 Aranel Genesis, 381 Miltree Constellation, 395 Craigowl Santana

Cavalier Champions 1990's
Ch Hilarny The Gigolo
Ch Alansmere Laura Ashley
Ch Homerbrent Carnival
Ch Homerbrent Jester
Ch Downsbank Roger at Harana
Ch Amantra Tainted Love
Ch Toraylac No Trouble
Ch Chantiz Copper Coin
Ch Homerbrent Pentilley
Ch Millhill La Peche
Ch Homerbrent Highday Ch Alberto Of Kindrum
Ch Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury
Ch Ricksbury Royal Temptress
Ch Maibee Sandra Dee
Alan Craig
Joyce Boardman

The Cavalier King Charles Club Championship Show 2023 Parade of Champions​

8 мар. 2023 г.
Верх Низ