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  1. Royal Spaniel

    Episodic Falling Syndrome (Синдром эпизодического падения)

    Episodic Falling Syndrome (Muscle Hypertonicity): Cavaliers Collapse Suddenly After Exercisehttp://cavalierhealth.org/episodic_falling.htmEpisodic falling syndrome (EFS) is a unique genetic disorder in the cavalier King Charles spaniel. It has been recognized in the breed since the 1960s. No...
  2. Royal Spaniel

    Bonitos Companeros (Германия)

    Bonitos Companeros (Германия)http://www.kirschbaum-cavaliere.de/cavaliere/frame_neu/cavalier_frame_eng.htmlHow I got to the Cavalier...In the Kirschbaum family, animals always held an important place. When I was a child, I remember roaming among all kinds of pens where there were various...
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